Call for Submissions: FIMS Clothing Contest

Published On February 6, 2018 | FIMSSC

Kanye designs clothes…now, you do too.

FIMS kids are known for iconic looks – help us up our clout by submitting your ideas for this year’s faculty merchandise.

1. Submit your designs for tote bags, stickers, hats, long sleeves, sweaters, etc. to @Fimssc between Feb. 5th and 16th.

2. Keep checking back and liking designs on this event page to show support for your favourite merch ideas! Comment away! Tell talented people that they are talented!

3. Merch will be available for order in late Feb/early March, and we will be heavily promoting consumerism at this time. Winning creators will receive their design for free.

P.S. We love our profs as much as you do, but let’s keep their faces/names/photos off of our designs.

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