FIMS Student Council 2014-2015 – Application

Hello FIMS! Here is the link for the application for internal positions on FIMSSC for the school year of 2014-2015: FIMSSCAPPLICATIONS2014 Please read the Constitution before you apply. Constitution: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0FCJbbpLbD5QWo4T3ZRZkJMdVU/edit?pli=1 Applications are due: March 25th Submit Applications to: fimssc2014@gmail.com   Good Luck!

FIMS Mediations 2013

For your enjoyment: Some of the most insightful essays from FIMS students of the past academic year. Editor & 2012-2103 VP Academic describes the contents as follows: Read on to explore how action sports culture meets capitalism, how the advertising industry advertises itself, how mainstream culture has colonized video gaming. Read about social movements and …

The Last Rant

FIMS class of 2013, in this final event of the year the professors we know and love will have one last chance to rant and rave to us about our faculty, education, and life in general. After watching us grow for four years, first year professors Tim Blackmore and Sharon Sliwinski–along with other professors we’ve …