Clothing Sale Update

What’s that I see?  A shiny, sparkling diamond in the rough that is exam szn!  That’s right folks, it is (sort of) time to pick up your FIMS clothes!

A quick update on the status of orders:

TOQUES AND T-SHIRTS: are in!  Come pick them up Monday, April 25th-Wednesday, April 27th from 11am-3:30pm in NCB 298 (the FIMSSC Office).

SWEATERS: have been upgraded to a higher quality sweater (at no extra cost! BONUS) but as a result, they are not yet available for pick up.  Keep your eyes peeled for an email from your VP Comm for updates.

Already left London for the summer?  Have no fear! Give written permission (in the form of a text or message) to a friend to pick up your order for you.  We’re cool with that…almost as cool as you’ll look in your new FIMS clothes.




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