Creativity and Beyond

creativity and beyond

What does creativity mean to you? What can you do with your creativity?

Creativity and Beyond is a speaker conference hosted by the FIMS Students’ Council surrounding the theme of creativity and working in creative industries. It is our hope that this event will provide students the opportunity to get a taste of various creative fields and engage in discussion with our distinguished speakers.

The FIMSSC is excited to introduce you to our four speakers:
1. Professor Matt Stahl
2. Professor Luke Arnott
3. Andrew Gunadie (Gunnarolla)
4. Mike Tompkins (Pbpproductions)

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Tickets are FREE for all FIMS undergraduate and graduate students and Faculty.
Tickets are $10 for all other attendees.
Please bring your student ID with your ticket.

Beverages and snacks will be provided at the event!

This is a FIMSSC organized event funded by the FIMS Undergraduate Student Fund.


WHEN: Feb 11th, 2016. 1pm-6pm


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