Meet the Council



Krista Pereira, President

LIKES: Burrito Boyz, pimple popping videos, and Kermode bears (a.k.a Spirit bears)
DISLIKES: Chipotle, math, the smell of skin, Sushi (Sorry, 80% of Western students)

PROGRAM: Honors Specialization in MIT, Minor in French Studies, Year 4
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Foster a stronger sense of engagement within our faculty and FSU!!! Also, more Twitter followers. Hit me up.
FIMS TO ME IS: pretty much 
the opposite of what anyone thinks it is.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Isn’t it like, the Cardinal Rule NOT to ask this question???



Erica Wallis, OPENWIDE Editor In Chief

LIKES: Movies with at least one dragon in them
DISLIKES: Movies that do not contain dragons

PROGRAM: MPI Honors Specialization
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: creating the greatest journalist team the world has ever seen
FIMS TO ME IS: the best decision I ever made
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Make the same amount of money as my male coworkers  


Faculty Liaison

Tanya Sahni, Faculty Liaison

LIKES: living trees, that sketchy neighbourhood house, bread, people who grunt in gyms
DISLIKES: flaky people, skittles, being in front of the camera

PROGRAM: Year 3 Honors Specialization MPI and Major in Film Studies
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: get more people at the GA and amend it or build other platforms where students and faculty can together work to make a better FIMS
FIMS TO ME IS: shred your world, shred your beliefs, shred everything until you understand the implication of every single shred
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: build a wall around wall street


Charity Commissioner

Simon Dugas, Charity Commissioner

LIKES: Sports, Horror films, Curly fries.
DISLIKES: When I pour a bowl of cereal and realize that there’s no milk.

PROGRAM: Honours Specialization in Media and the Public Interest (MPI) & Certificate in Ethics (Philosophy)
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: I hope to give charity more of a presence within FIMS this year through direct involvement in the greater London community.
FIMS TO ME IS: Asking the questions that aren’t being asked.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Pursue a law degree.

Chairperson & AVPs


Serena Luca, Chairperson

LIKES: Marble slab ice cream, videos of kittens and Leonardo Di Caprio
DISLIKES: Snow and anything coffee flavoured

WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: To make the FIMSSC a cool and enjoyable little community of people who will help make FIMS the best faculty to be in
FIMS TO ME IS: Still figuring it out, but I’m understanding that it’s a unique environment filled with people who think outside of the box
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Have an idea of what I want to do with my life… and travel

VP Communications

Bridget Farrell, VP Communications

LIKES: dystopian fiction, strawberries, Emily Ross
DISLIKES: voice navigation systems

PROGRAM: Honors Spec. MIT Year 4, Certificate in Digital Comm.
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: remove the disconnect between students and Council
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: spend more quality time with my dog

Street Team Coordinator

Jaren McDonald, Street Team Coordinator

LIKES: Casey Neistat, Spider Man, Instagram
DISLIKES: People who don’t use their turn signal, stale popcorn

PROGRAM: MTP Interactive Media
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: I want to make an exciting, contumacious, and rewarding environment for Street Team
FIMS TO ME IS: A glimpse into the rest of my life…well, maybe not all of it
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Run a marathon, live in Toronto, create something meaningful…oh, and world peace (Miss Congeniality…anyone?)

Assistant Faculty Liason

Ariana Magliocco, Assistant Faculty Liaison

LIKES: snapchat dog filter and sweet tarts
DISLIKES: oppressive gender norms and luke-warm soup

WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: to connect students to faculty in a meaningful and productive way
FIMS TO ME IS: the space to challenge normality

Alumni Relations Commissionner

Kieran Joyce, Alumni Relations Commissioner

LIKES: Music production, peanut-free desserts
DISLIKES: peanuts

PROGRAM: Honours Double Major MIT and BMOS (Consumer Behaviour), Year 4
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Start a series of alumni spotlights, continue growth of alumni events, increased communication between students and alumni
FIMS TO ME IS: a bunch of different critical perspectives coming together to foster an environment for educated and ethical personal growth
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: get my masters, keep finding new hobbies, and never stop learning

Christine Stebel, AVP Academic

LIKES: Burning up the dance floor, cats, denim
DISLIKES: the bourgeoisie

PROGRAM: 3rd Year Major in Media Information and Technoculture (MIT) with a Minor in Dance
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Help students gain the confidence to answer “What can you do with your Media degree” with something other than “lol Idk”
FIMS TO ME IS: Where I belong
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Produce and/or star in music videos

VP Academic

Marisa Cho, VP Academic

LIKES: Wearing black, trading music playlists, getting lost in the void of YouTube
DISLIKES: Temperatures above 22°C

PROGRAM: 3rd Year Honours Specialization MIT
CONTACT: Snapchat: marisacho
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Awesome bomb-diggity academic events that people leave and are like, “Wow, that was so awesome bomb-diggity! I feel like I’m being supported in my academic life and meeting cool FIMS peeps!”
FIMS TO ME IS: Where the best people come from.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: create media content that embraces all people and inspires others to do the same.

Production Coordinator

Connor Clark, Production Coordinator

LIKES: power tools, dogs, symmetrical things, plaid shirts, boards, being outside
DISLIKES: the word “bro”

PROGRAM: MTP (Interactive Media and Design)
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Create nifty stuff / make fims look cool
FIMS TO ME IS: Being observant
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Be a ski bum with a job

Grad Rep

Jana Cernavskis, Grad Representative

LIKES: Kara Waites.

WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: a content group of graduates
FIMS TO ME IS: a great place to grapple
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Move to New Zealand. Buy a few goats. Live off the land.

Head Soph

Nick Vereshchak, Head Soph

LIKES: The jazz club scene from Spider-Man 3, Gordon Ramsay.
DISLIKES: When people think there’s an “a” in definitely so it gets autocorrected to “defiantly.”

PROGRAM: Honours Specialization in MIT+Minor in Music
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Maintain open communication with FIMSSC and the Soph team as a whole, to ensure Sophs know more about what FIMSSC does to relay that info to first year students
FIMS TO ME IS: A faculty that allows you to explore interests you didn’t know you had while simultaneously making you a better person
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: haha ya sure ok.

Sahil Mirchandani, AVP Events

LIKES: Caffeine, early 2000s music videos, stand-up comedy
DISLIKES: Cold chicken, bad texters

PROGRAM: Honors Specialization in MIT, Year 3
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Get students truly engaged, excited, and enthusiastic about attending FIMSSC events.
FIMS TO ME IS: a space to redefine your outlook on the constructs of our reality.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: work hard, be bold, and never stop creating meaningful content.

Marie Scholz, VP

LIKES: mountain views, road trips and sitting on the floor
DISLIKES: cilantro, mosquitos and loud eaters

WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: plan events that people want to talk about
FIMS TO ME IS: learning to be the one person who can critique and create a master plan that will lead a room full of people who look and dress the same to do something meaningful with their work
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: be a PR powerhouse

Jenna Murphy, Webmaster

LIKES: traveling, kind people, Burrito Boyz
DISLIKES: lukewarm coffee

PROGRAM: MIT Honours Specialization, year 4
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: utilizing the website as one of the main avenues of communication to keep the FIMS community connected and up-to-date
FIMS TO ME IS: anything you want it to be
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: who knows????


Kara Waites, MPI Representative

LIKES: Birkenstocks and socks, newspapers, the outdoors
DISLIKES: rude people

PROGRAM: Honours Specialization in Media and the Public Interest and a Minor in Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: I want to strengthen the MPI community and build a network of like-minded students by connecting MPI with other related programs and clubs on campus.
FIMS TO ME IS: A place to breakdown, challenge, and reconstruct everything we think about the world.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: go to grad school and continue thinking about life

Kyra Balogh, First Year Representative

LIKES: snapchat filters, iced coffee
DISLIKES: 8:30am class

PROGRAM: MIT, First Year
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: I have high hopes in making all first years have the most successful and enjoyable year possible.
FIMS TO ME IS: An opportunity that is unique from any other.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: I just got here?


VP Finance

Elliot Kulach, VP Finance

LIKES: semi-colons and americanos
DISLIKES: oily keyboards and plastic waterbottles

PROGRAM: Honours Specialization MIT + HBA Candidate, year 5
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: Generate awareness about how students can spend faculty funds!
FIMS TO ME IS: A place to ask questions about the questions about the questions that we ask.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: (Continue to) Be happy.


Connor M. Malbeuf, MTP Representative

LIKES: Wool Socks, Music Festivals, Radio and snapchat filters
DISLIKES: sweatpants

PROGRAM: MTP — Radio Broadcasting and Promotions
CONTACT: email:, DM me on Twitter @ConnorMMalbeuf or Instagram at @ConnorMalbeuf
WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: I hope to bring forward concise and clear information from both Western and Fanshawe to MTP students (hooray for clarity)
FIMS TO ME IS: a lifestyle filled with media savvy and ridiculously talented people
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Ryan Seacrest is bound to retire eventually, right?

Ajeevaan Sivan, First Year Representative

LIKES: Chance the Rapper, Reese Cups, and when an animated show can properly develop a character
DISLIKES: Cheetos, Calculus, and the month of November

WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR ON FIMSSC: To help ease first year FIMS students into a great program by planning even greater events.
FIMS TO ME IS: A faculty that provides you with a new set of eyes to view the world around you.
AFTER FIMS I HOPE TO: Go into marketing? Advertising? The arts? Wherever the wind blows me.

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