Meet Your Prof!

FIMSSC and LAMP present a night of mixing and mingling with your FIMS professors and TAs, as well as Fanshawe instructors from MTP courses.

We’ll bring the appetizers if you bring the sparkling conversation, okay? Event begins at 5:30pm October 22nd, in The Wave (2nd Floor of the University Community Centre).

Find out who is coming and confirm your attendance on Facebook.

Featuring professors: Tim Blackmore, Warren Steele, David Spencer, Selma Purac, Keith Tomasek, Norma Coates, Sally Colwell, Michael Daubs, Carole Farber, Susan Knabe, Mark Rayner

And TAs: Andrea Benoit, Sam Allen, Amit Louis, Francisco Gerardo Toledo Ramirez, Luke Arnott, Siobhan Watters, Bhavin Prajapati, Austin Walker, Atle Mikkola Kjosen, Rachel Mellis

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