Opportunities in FIMS

There are many ways to get involved with the variety of organizations that are available at Western. Want to get involved within FIMS? Check out some of our student-run organizations below!



OPENWIDE is FIMS’ student-run alternative publication, a platform for students to have their say and gain journalistic experience by writing editorials. The viewpoints articulately expressed by students are wide-ranging and diverse. We also run openwidezine.com, so be sure to check it out. We’re always looking for new writers, so any time you’d like to contribute, we’ll be right here to welcome you aboard the Zine team. Click here to be a part of it!


We are currently looking for applicants for our team of first year representatives! Click here to view the application!


The Street Team is a marketing force linked with the FIMSSC, responsible for advertising and promoting all things FIMS. From social events to info sessions, this team of hand-selected culture and media savvy individuals use their creativity to get the word out on the street. The Street Team seamlessly braids traditional advertising, current technique, and eye-catching media in order to deliver influential content that makes waves.

Street Team is one the best ways to get involved in the faculty and be in the know about all that your Student Government and the University itself has to offer. It is a way to keep connected, be creative, and meet others within the faculty. Positions on FIMS Street Team are open to students in all years and all streams of FIMS. If you are a FIMS student interested in marketing, promotions, or advertising – then this is your chance to gain experience, meet other students with similar interests, and get creative!

We are currently looking for applicants to be a part of our street team! Click here to view the application!


Advocacy team is a small group of passionate individuals who work to create, plan, and execute charity initiatives throughout the year alongside the charity commissioner.  We aim to build on the momentum from years’ past to establish a strong charity presence within FIMS, not solely via fundraisers and events but by fostering a community within the faculty for students to come together and give back. What charity means to us: As a faculty that is constantly intertwined and evolving with the world’s media and social issues, FIMS charity should provide an opportunity for students to act upon and extend their in-class learning.  We think it’s cool to give a heck, and are excited to be a part of the change in the London, Western, and FIMS communities. Charity is giving back in any form, beyond donating money.  It is recognizing that not everyone lives in my reality and has equal access to opportunity.  It is working to combat inequality and influencing others to do the same. A broad understanding of charity allows for broad participation in charity.  It goes beyond the events we hold; it is a way of life embodying kindness and compassion wherever we go. Charity should be accessible to students so that we can take direct action and go back to the basics: to be a successful society, all members deserve equality. Charity should be pursued for the right reasons, with the right intent of genuinely helping and making a difference in the lives of others, not for our own personal gain or improved reputation.  That said, there is definite value in partaking in charitable endeavours; it offers perspective to those who pursue it and reminds us not to take anything for granted. FIMS students are constantly exposed to injustices and taught to be critical of society’s current trajectory.  The work of charity is then acknowledging these political inequalities and disparities and working to remedy them in a way that is tailored to that specific issue, encouraging greater participation and education along the way.  

We are currently looking for applicants to be a part of our advocacy team! Click here to view the application!


The FIMS Soph Team is a group of upper year students who help first-year FIMS students adjust to life at Western. They participate in Orientation Week to ensure a positive start for first years and continue as friends and as academic resources for the rest of the year.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the FIMS Soph Team, applications are released by the USC in the second semester.


The FIMS Undergraduate Student Fund (USF) is replenished annually by collecting a $50.00 donation from each student’s tuition fee. All donations collected seek to enhance undergraduate student life in FIMS by funding exciting projects, services, and events that would otherwise not be fiscally feasible. As such, any student in FIMS can apply to the USF.

To learn more, click here.


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