“Hume’s Train of Thinking: Empiricism and Typographic Culture” via mediations

Beautiful ones; mediations presents Davide Panagia (Canada Research Chair in Cultural Studies, Trent University) who will be giving a talk entitled: “Hume’s Train of Thinking: Empiricism and Typographic Culture”. It’s happening Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012, 12pm in North Campus Building Room 117. This event is a must attend for you printing-press/typographic junkies

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Happy Monday friends! We hope it’s been a great week! If your eyes have been more focused on your papers and your projects than on the media, that’s OK, here’s what we have handpicked for you to read this week! -Molly and Jas (SEND US YOUR BEST FINDS @ web@fimssc.ca)

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Mixtape is heavy on social this week. Take a look for articles revealing interesting social media trends relating the U.S. election, Instagram’s move to the web, and a trick to democratize your Facebook newsfeed! Oh boy. Keeping it PG-FIMS, also enjoy potentially changing views on the female body, slick robots, and some classic Canadian self-depreciating …

FIMSSC Office Hours

The FIMSSC will be holding drop-in office hours in our council office – North Campus Building Room 298 Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30-4:30. Have questions or concerns you need addressed? Want to find out about what your council can do for you? Need a pal to make friendship bracelets with? It’s all there. We can’t …


We’re looking out for the best of the best on the big day tomorrow so you don’t have to. Enjoy! IN WHICH THESE ARE ALL JUST ABOUT THE ELECTION This week’s mixtape has compiled a stockpile of fantastic journalism around the 2012 presidential election. If you are hoping to get some last-minute reading in that …