Stand-In for MTP

This week on Senate’s agenda: MTP’s discontinuation. This Friday at 1:30pm, Senate will vote on whether or not to go forward with cutting the MTP program, leaving current first year students as the last graduating class. Throughout this decision-making process, students have been largely left out of a conversation that will impact them directly. We […]

System Error – FIMS Undergraduate Student Conference

The schedule for the FIMS Undergraduate Student Conference – System Error – for the day is now released. Schedule 9-10am : Doors Open 10-10:30 am: Opening Remarks 10:30-11:30am: Tim Blackmore (45 minute talk + Q &A) 11:30-12:30am: Warren Steele (45 minute talk + Q&A) 12:30-1:30pm Lunch/ Break 1:30- 2:20pm Naomi Klein Speech 2:30-3:30pm Panel Discussion- […]

FIMS Stream Mixer

Interested in MPI? Declared MTP? Still confused what that means? The FIMSSC invites you to come meet the FIMS Streams at our all ages Wink’s mixer. Mingle with MPI professors and MTP instructors to learn more about what our faculty has to offer!   Date: Thursday, February 27, 2014 Time: 8-10 PM Facebook Event: FIMS […]

MTP First-Year Bus Trip

The annual first year MTP bus trip to Fanshawe College will provide students with the information to help them make a decision about which stream to apply to, as well as whether or not the MTP program is right for them. The first year students will gain information on the MTP Curriculum, Learned Skills, the […]