The Faculty of Information and Media Studies Students’ Council (FIMSSC) is a student-run organization at Western University that endeavours to enhance the undergraduate student experience in FIMS by providing various opportunities by which students can become involved in the faculty. Through FIMSSC, students can get involved in a number of different ways: volunteering for the Street Team, Advocacy Team, Wellness Team or OPENWIDE; attending and planning faculty events; supporting fellow student initiatives; addressing and voting on faculty-related issues at town meetings, round-tables, and departmental general assemblies. We also work to connect students with opportunities both within the faculty and externally in the Western and London community. FIMSSC represents all students in FIMS and, as such, lobbies to the Faculty on behalf of student interests in order to ensure the needs of all FIMS students are adequately met.

If you would like to view our constitution and minutes below, click here.

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