Big Budget Project

Projects up to $1,000 will be considered and adjudicated by the USF Committee. Students have one opportunity to submit proposals for ‘Big Budget Funding’ on DECEMBER 6TH. The ‘Big Budget Project’ Fund has $2,000 available, and will be allocated until it’s depletion, therefore, the fund runs on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Collaborative initiatives with one or more FIMS Students are strongly encouraged, and interdisciplinary collaborations will be considered so long as 50% of the applicants named on the proposal are FIMS students who pay into the USF Fund.


  • The USF Production Fund may not be used for academic purposes
  • Any proposals affiliated with a club or organization will not be accepted


Guidelines for Reviewing Applications:

  • All funds must be in Canadian dollars; 
  • Partial funding to projects will be considered;
  • Submit a complete proposal including but not limited to; pictures, links, specifications, and budgetary details (quotes, estimates, order details, etc).


Successful Applicants are Responsible For: 

  • Confirming all financial and organizational details of the project with the Student Production Fund Coordinator;
  • Advertising or projects/events (if applicable) through the FIMSSC website; 
  • Immediately notifying the Student Production Fund Coordinator of any postponements or cancellations of projects; all cancelled projects will have funds reverted back to the account;
  • Preparing a brief report of the impact/success of the project funded, including a complete financial accounting for the event (quotes, estimates, order details) to be submitted to the committee within one month of the completion of the project or event.


The FIMS Undergraduate Student Fund (USF) is a collection of funds that any member of the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (including students, staff, and faculty) may apply to for initiatives that benefit the FIMS undergraduate student body.