FIMS Student Council 2014-2015 – Application

Hello FIMS! Here is the link for the application for internal positions on FIMSSC for the school year of 2014-2015: FIMSSCAPPLICATIONS2014 Please read the Constitution before you apply. Constitution: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0FCJbbpLbD5QWo4T3ZRZkJMdVU/edit?pli=1 Applications are due: March 25th Submit Applications to: fimssc2014@gmail.com   Good Luck!

FIMSSC Debates

HEY FIMS! Check out the FIMS Presidential Debate this Wednesday, February 5th, at 8PM in NCB Room 117. Get informed on your candidates – Steph Schoenhoff and Kevin Chao –  and their platforms through the links below! Steph Schoenhoff [highlight highlight-color=”eg. #F96E5B” font-color=”eg. #f8f8f8″]Facebook Page[/highlight] [highlight highlight-color=”eg. #F96E5B” font-color=”eg. #f8f8f8″]Platform[/highlight] Kevin Chao [highlight highlight-color=”eg. #F96E5B” …