FIMS Ambassador Applications

Interested in getting involved with the Faculty?
We are looking for students who would be interested in joining our FIMS Ambassador Team for the upcoming school year. Ambassadors are student leaders who volunteer at events hosted by Undergraduate Student Services. We want FIMS students who are enthusiastic, friendly and passionate about their program and Western to join our team and have:

The ability to represent FIMS in a professional manner
Above-average knowledge of FIMS and awareness of faculty-related on-campus activities and events
Strong public speaking ability
Strong public relations skills
Demonstrated excellent time management and organizational skills
Desire to work as part of a team

Participating as a FIMS Ambassador is a great resume-builder!


Please submit the attached application by Friday, October 17, 2014 to

Make sure to include your T-Shirt size on the application, based on this size chart:


Prospective students always appreciate the first-hand experience from upper year students like you – something the staff simply cannot provide.

Ambassor Application 2014-2015

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