FIMS Media Arts Festival: Call for Submissions!

Calling all FIMS Creatives: We want your stuff! any and all of it! made a film you’re proud of? took a great photo? looking for an audience to share your poetry or a podcast with? want to lead an embroidery workshop? have a paper you’re really proud of?

The first ever FIMS Media Arts Festival is underway and we are looking to showcase YOUR creative talents. Whether you’re majoring, minoring or just took a FIMS course makes no difference – everyone whose been a part of our FIMS community is welcome to contribute (has at least 0.5 FIMS credits). The festival will be a full day affair on March 22nd in FNB, and in all honesty, we don’t know what it will showcase just yet – that’s where you come in!

What we do know is that there is a vibrant community of talented people in FIMS and we believe that deserves a platform to shine. So if you have anything you’re proud of (and we really do mean ANYTHING).

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