Loonie for Unity

Introducing LOONIE FOR UNITY!!!!!!!!

FIMSSC is proud to present our year-long fundraising campaign in support of Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London.  Unlike traditional, institutionalized shelters, Unity Project works to combat homelessness by actually implementing the housing first model which treats housing as a basic human right, the first priority.  It shouldn’t be revolutionary, the notion that a roof over your head is a prerequisite to overcoming other difficulties such as addiction, employment, and various health problems, yet Unity Project is really one of a kind in the way they apply these principles.  They are redefining what a successful homeless shelter is, not merely providing shelter, but providing the service, tools, and experiences to help someone overcome the crisis of homelessness.  In fact, at Unity they practice something called divergence, where before admitting someone, they ensure they have exhausted their other options for a place to stay first, effectively breaking the cycle of shelter stays before it begins.  When people do stay at this participatory shelter, 60% of them stay for less than 10 days.  There are many lessons to be learnt from this organization regarding breaking the stigma of homelessness and opposing the institutionalized structures that are often accepted as the norm.  Homelessness is a crisis that a person experiences.  It does not define them.

Loonie for Unity is our campaign, encompassing all fundraisers in support of Unity Project over the course of the year.  Our goal is to raise $1 for every student in FIMS to donate to Unity Project.  We recognize that we are all students (on student budgets) and fundraisers can sometimes create unnecessary financial stress, which is SO not our goal.  But if we each donate $1 (through various fundraisers) over the course of the year we will raise $966.  You are just one person, but when we come together we can make a difference!!!!

Keep an eye out for the Loonie for Unity logo on upcoming FIMSSC events!

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