Mediations: Call for Submissions

Ever wrote a really good essay and thought you should bless other people with it? Or ever thought, “Damn, I’m really good at _____” and wanted to teach people about it? WELL HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!
This year, FIMS Mediation is doing what it always with a little spice 😉 We are accepting more than just essays!!

-For academic papers, all we need to see is a consistent citation style like MLA, Chicago, or APA. Wholly original submissions don’t need works cited lists. And as long as your paper is under 2500 words excluding citations, we’ll consider it.
-Creative projects or assignments from production courses are welcome (including photography, poetry, art, etc), as long as you send us the name of a project. Your submission doesn’t have to be over a certain grade threshold: we know that a mark on a paper doesn’t solely represent its worth.

Send us the papers and assignments that you’re most proud of. Send us the papers that made you think the most or that challenge the status quo. Shoot us an email at with your submission in a .docx file. Let us know in the email which course the submission was written for or inspired by as well as how we should print your name.

Reminder that submissions are due March 1st!