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This week’s mixtape has compiled a stockpile of fantastic journalism around the 2012 presidential election. If you are hoping to get some last-minute reading in that has a little more depth than “OHIO VOTERS CONTINUE TO EXIST” and “MICHELLE OR ANNE: WHO WORE IT BETTER?” you can find some of it here.

Another great resource is to seek out the press endorsements of various American publications, which detail what the editorial staff perceives as the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.  Obama bagged endorsements from some important publications (The Economist, The New Yorker) while Mitt snagged some last minute approvals from other key players, including Newsday. By the time the next Mixtape goes up, this will all be over, and we can go back to Buzzfeed lists about Muppets. Until then-

The Candidates and the Economy


The most important issue in this election is undoubtedly the economy. However, it has been so difficult to keep the candidates’ actual fiscal policies straight in the rhetorical vortex of Big Bird, bayonets and Wolf Blitzer. This article is a somewhat dry but much-needed breakdown on what Obama and Romney’s various economic pledges are and what they entail.

How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P.


This was on our very first Mixtape, but if you haven’t read it yet it is worth taking a look. Ryan was expressly taken on as VP candidate on the basis of his carefully crafted economic plan. Given Mitt’s fiscal policy at this point seems to be shoving his fingers in his ears and humming ‘My Favorite Things’ from the Sound of Music (Tax breaks and loopholes and schnitzel with noodles), it is likely that Paul Ryan’s plan for the economy may soon become America’s plan for the economy.

How the Arab Spring remade Obama’s foreign policy


This is an oldy but a goody, and one of the most buzzed-about articles of 2011. Ryan Lizza does an in-depth Obama retrospective while also giving a sort of “Foreign Policy for Dummies” overview of the U.S’s path forward.

Desperately Seeking Mitt


A GQ writer takes on the daunting task of trying to unearth a discernable personality from Mitt Romney’s toughened shell of friendly ambiguity. Mitt’s lack of personal charisma is made all the more noticeable by Obama’s famous charm. A light article for anyone who realizes that they couldn’t give Mitt any description that would not also apply to a very, very rich Ken Doll.

The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama


Esquire takes a long and critical look at Obama’s drone program. America’s new way of waging war was almost completely ignored in media coverage throughout these past months, but its significance should not be overlooked. It perhaps is the most blatant example of top-down and blatant American exceptionalism to have happened in the last twenty years (an era that includes the invasion of Iraq).

Mitt Romney: The Great Deformer


Like the article below, an article that debunks the “Mitt”thology around Bain Capital and Romney’s carefully crafted persona of a hard-working well-intentioned man who made good by the sweat of his own brow. While that may be true, this article illustrates that the sweat (and tears) of many other thousands was also required to get Mitt to where he is today.

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital


Another previous Mixtape feature, but also a game-changer. Before I read this article, I felt like I needed to meekly defer to whatever anyone said about Mitt’s experience with Bain Capital because I did not understand what the hell he did. “So he….manufactured things? No. Um….did he…buy things…and then sell them?” This is a great article for those others have a “I’ll-trade-you-my-peanut-butter-for-your-ham-and-cheese”, Fisher-Price understanding of the economy and want to

We Hold These Truths


Actor Edward Norton and Moneyball director Bennett Miller team up to create a short but immensely powerful documentary “We Hold These Truths” from the “voice of the American voter.” The duo take an anti-celebrity stance to boost what the average American is saying, and the result is both refreshing and compelling.


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