MTP First-Year Bus Trip

Attention first year MTP students!

The annual first year MTP bus trip to Fanshawe College will provide students with the information to help them make a decision about which stream to apply to, as well as whether or not the MTP program is right for them. The first year students will gain information on the MTP Curriculum, Learned Skills, the Teaching Style and Approach taken by Fanshawe Professors as well as the Logistics of Complexity, such as OSAP, living situations, bus pass and services/supports that come with attending both educational institutions.

The day will begin with a Main Info Session which will provide an overview of the four streams led by Program Coordinators. Students will then break out into Stream-Specific tours of the campus which will be lead by current upper year MTP students. Finally the day will end with a Mix and Mingle in the Reception of Fanshawe College in which first year students can ask individual questions to the upper year students of the coordinators.

Date: November 29, 2013
Event coordinator contact: 
Carolyn Irwin or Lindsay Sommerauer

This is a mandatory event for first year MTP students.
The bus will pick students up outside of NCB.

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